Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Deep Thoughts From Caedmon

We were watching the Razorback football game one night. I was telling Caedmon about all of our friends who were at the game and we were wondering if we would see any on TV. He asked where the game was. “Fayetteville,” I told him.

He asked, “But how can the football game be in our TV if it’s all the way in Arkansas?”


I was giving Caedmon his allowance the other day and we were having a little math lesson. He’s finally accrued enough “dollars” to exchange them for a $5 bill. So I got one out and we were talking about how the $5 was different than the $1.

Caedmon: “Hey! That’s President Lincoln!”

Me: “Yes, he was our 16th President.”

Caedmon: “Why did someone shoot him?” (Remember our previous discussion on Presidents?)

Me: “Well, I’m not exactly sure.” (It was early and I was not prepared for a Civil War lesson. Math was enough.)

Caedmon: “Maybe he just didn’t want the President around anymore.”

Simple answers are sometimes the best.


Caedmon was trying to avoid bedtime yet again…

Caedmon: “Momma, I’m scared of the dark and the light mixed together.”

Me: “What does that even mean?”

Caedmon: “I don’t know.”


I took Caedmon and Honor with me the other day to buy some makeup. While I was at the counter, I asked the sales lady a question about the difference between two products – one was “regular”, and one was “matte”. She explained, I made my purchase, and we left. The next day, Caedmon saw the makeup sitting on my bathroom counter. He asked, “Momma, will this kind make your face not be sparkly at the end of the day?” Bless him. He really was paying attention.

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