Monday, November 14, 2011


**Happy 13th Anniversary to my husband; my best friend, the best Daddy our kids could ever ask for, and coolest guy I know. I love you!**

After we all got acquainted with the beach, we needed to see some pirates. We knew Caedmon would love it, and we were right. But we almost didn’t get in. We got there to find out the show was “sold out” and we watched the pre-dinner show while we waited to see if they had room for us. Husband had suggested making reservations, and I was certain we didn’t need to. I mean, who would think that on a Wednesday night in a beach town at the end of October, the show would be sold out? Thankfully, they had a spot for us.

We settled in, and Caedmon was instantly mesmerized.


The set, staging, and show were all spectacular!


The food was good, too. Caedmon didn’t have time to eat his. He was afraid he’d miss something.


We bought him a pirate hat and sword from the gift shop as we were leaving. He was a pretty cute little buccaneer.


And a boy can never have too many swords, right?

The next day, we finally decided to explore the indoor pool. The beach was really windy, so this was a calmer place to play. And squirt water at each other.


And jump!


Honor played in the water a little, too.



I think she’s going to enjoy the water as much as Caedmon does!

We had a great time at the beach and are thankful for the opportunity to go and spend some time together as a family. It was our first vacation as a family of four. I know there will be many more!

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  1. It must be a great time of the year to visit the beach! I would love no crowds!!! Your pics are beautiful. Glad you guys got some time away and had so much fun together!

  2. He is the CUTEST little pirate I know. (: Looks like fun times.