Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Recap In List Form

1. Friday and Saturday were crazy warm. As in, temperatures in the 70’s. And we felt kind of stupid buying a sled on Friday while it was warm enough to wear a t-shirt (during the last snow, our sled got broken). But it was great to get out in the sunshine and let Caedmon burn off some energy. Saturday, Caedmon played in the sandbox and enjoyed the sunshine from home. Saturday night we went out for ice cream, too. Something I’m not inclined to do when it’s cold out (unless it happens to be a Red Velvet Cheesecake Blast from Sonic). We enjoyed the warm weather knowing it wasn’t going to last long. At all.

2. As I mentioned last week, I’ve tried to move my grocery day to Tuesday. But it seems that the universe does not want me to get groceries on Tuesday. We have a huge winter storm headed this way, which means Caedmon and I have to go today and fight the throngs of people who are rushing to buy milk, bread, bottled water, and Pop Tarts.

3. We spent the day yesterday at Mom and Dad’s, hanging out with NLB. He leaves this week to head to Afghanistan for six months. Hopefully I’ll have some good pictures to show off tomorrow.

4. I always check the Sunday Coupon Preview before I get a paper on Sundays. I want to make sure the coupons I’m going to get are worth my while and if there’s something really good, I’ll get some extra papers. It never fails. When there’s a week with a lot of coupon inserts (4 this week), I’ll get a paper and at least one of the inserts will be missing. This week? Two of the four were missing. It’s so aggravating. And it does no good to call the newspaper people. I’ve tried. They don’t care. They tell me if I subscribe, they would do something about it. But why would I want to subscribe if they don’t care to help me in the first place?

5. Mom finished Baby Sister’s bedding last week, and Caedmon and I went to get it. She did an awesome job and I love it. I’m saving pictures for when we get it in her bed. Which may  be a while, considering we’ve done n.o.t.h.i.n.g. toward getting the rooms switched and ready. Which makes me nervous.

6. What makes me even more nervous? I had Husband download a contraction tracker on his iPhone the other night, and I input our due date. In large, bold letters, it said “89 days to Due Date” (which would be less now). My response? “Holy Crap!” It’s time to get busy.

7. Saturday, I was cleaning in the laundry room around Oz’s crate, which necessitated moving the elliptical. (Yes, it’s in the laundry room. Yes, it’s big.) Anyway, I accidentally kicked it when I was walking thru. And I might have broken my toe. It is not pretty (I will spare you from having to look at it, so no pictures). And it hurts like the dickens. Husband wanted me to get it x-rayed, but since I figure if it’s broken the doctor would just tape it to my other toe, I can do that myself for free. Besides, it only hurts when I walk.

8. I’m off to do tons of laundry and get groceries. If we end up with more ice than snow this time, we may be without power. I’m really hoping that doesn’t happen (like it did 2 years ago and last year), but you know me…I have to be prepared.

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  1. Lucky you for the warmer weather! And I am hoping this big storm misses us completely! I'm over snow! Ha!

  2. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Funny story, we NEVER get the paper since we aren't subscribed to it. We got one yesterday and we got double all of the coupons!!! haha! Maybe I have your missing ones! :)