Monday, October 18, 2010

The Weekend

I’m so glad other people thought that Friday’s 1,000 Words post was funny. I almost didn’t post it, you know, due to the naked hiney and all. But I’m glad I did – apparently I am not alone in having a boy who will drop trou at his convenience when he’s outside.

Friday was a fun day, but a marathon of sorts. I had almost completely forgotten about craft fair weekend, and while that’s not entirely bad (because I don’t care about going), it sure does mess up travel times. And your speed at getting out of Hobby Lobby. Because apparently attending a craft fair means you must also make a trip into Hobby Lobby.

Caedmon and I ran a few errands (one of them being to Hobby Lobby) before meeting Jenna and Whitney for lunch. Of course, my quick trip into HL (30 minutes before lunch and the restaurant was in the HL parking lot) turned into us being late to lunch. But we had a great time visiting with our friends, even if Brayden and Caedmon did end up a little restless before we were done. I can’t blame them…we were there for two hours. I have no idea how that happened, either. We were just chatting away, having a good old time!


(Me and Caedmon, Jenna and Brayden, and Whitney)

The lady who took our picture said she thought we were there for a reunion, and we are all new friends. I guess that goes to show that with some people, it doesn’t matter how “new” they are, you feel like you’ve known them forever. The kindest lady in the world also said she thought we were all very young but that I looked like I was about 20. I seriously wanted to hug her, but I thought that would be awkward, so I didn’t.

Caedmon and I ran a few more errands and headed home for naptime. I don’t know what his deal is lately, but he is seriously fighting his naps. And don’t tell me he’s ready to give them up, because he’s not. He is so tired in the afternoons, he just refuses to be still long enough to go to sleep. And when that happens, he morphs into a little monster child, sometimes before dinner but definitely by about 6pm when there are still two long hours to go before bedtime. And Momma’s not so happy, either.

Saturday, Husband had a missions project part of the day, so Caedmon and I hung out. And when I say “hung out”, I mean that I turned on Monsters, Inc. in my room about 10am and dozed while he watched TV on the bed with me. I eventually got up and got dressed because we had company coming to watch the game. If we didn’t plan on having friends over, I may have stayed in my pajamas all day.

Brandon came over to watch the game with us. Except that I was exhausted, so I slept through most of the first half of the Razorback game. I missed all the big/bad things – the bogus touchdown, our QB getting injured, all of it. But I was up for the 2nd half, and sort of wished I had napped through that, too. Jill came over after she got off work and we enjoyed some Frito Pie and Rice Krispie Treats with fall sprinkles for dinner.

Sunday was a good, but busy Sunday. Even though Caedmon was up from 4:00-5:30am (and thus was I) for no apparent reason, and then awake again at 6:45, he refused to nap, and I’m starting to get a little bitter about it. He becomes such an onrey and disobedient child when he doesn’t nap. Even though I put him to bed a little earlier to compensate, I hate that I get so irritated with him because of his behavior. I’m hoping that he’s just “off” right now due to his allergies, changing weather and upcoming time change.

I made a note on my calendar just a little while ago to remind myself to start adjusting his bedtime the week before we turn our clocks back. I forgot to do that last time and paid for it dearly. So this is your friendly reminder that if you have a child with a bedtime, you might want to make a reminder for yourself, too.

On another note, I have big plans to make something pumpkin-y this week. Clearly, I have lofty goals. Pregnancy and a 3 year-old will do that to you. Cure cancer? Solve the U.S. Economy’s issues? No, make something pumpkin-y.

It’s a recipe given to me a few years ago that I’ve never made. If I can remember, I’ll take pictures and share them (along with the recipe). After, of course, I taste-test and make sure it’s edible. Which I’m sure it will be. It involves evaporated milk…how can it not be good?

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