Thursday, February 05, 2009

Catching Up

I've been slacking on posting pictures lately. I've been a bit busy, I suppose. If I put it off much longer, neither C or Oz will be little anymore.

When we picked Oz up and took him to his first vet visit, he weighed 5 pounds. When we went back two weeks later for shots, he weighed over 7 pounds. And now, he's probably about 10.

Oz and C enjoy each other - most of the time, anyway. Oz is pretty lazy, and we like it that way. His most favorite thing to do in the afternoons is find a spot in the sun and lay there until the sun moves. And on the potty training front, we've had Oz for almost three weeks, he hasn't had an accident since the first week and he already goes to the door when he needs to go out. He's a quick learner!

C has been learning a lot of things lately too. He's pretending to talk on the phone and pretending to be a doggie and drink out of Oz's bowl (and then get in trouble for dumping it out).

C loves to play in Oz's crate. Incidentally, this was taken the same day four (4!) people in Wal-Mart mistook C for a girl.

Trump came over to help me give C a haircut (because apparently he looked like a girl), and he decided to try her boots on.

New haircut!

HLB came over one evening after work and played outside with C. They had a good time getting dirty together.

C has learned to climb. He climbs the sandbox outside and the coffee table inside. I hope these guys enjoy doing other things together for a long time.

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