Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Laser Treatment #3

As promised, here are some pictures (and color commentary) from our Laser surgery last week.

C was determined to help us get the car packed up before we left for Children's. Nevermind that he's not headed to the garage.

Here we are at the hospital, waiting for our turn for surgery. He's a tired boy! And I think he was bored with watching Spongebob.

And here he is immediately after surgery. His face always looks a bit red and swollen right afterwards, but quickly goes away.

A few days later, I had to pin him down to get this shot of his face.

He's healing well, and we are excited to see what kind of progress this treatment will bring. We're scheduled for another laser surgery in three months.

Oh, and C's learned about self-portraits. He thinks they're cool. Pin It


  1. We are looking into a dog called a Pharaoh Hound. They aren't that popular in the US so they are kinda hard to come by. I am talking with a breeder in NY right now about a litter that is going to be born in June. We will see. They are great dogs and will fit our lifestyle (no shedding, no oil in coat, and love being outdoors, work well in an apartment). If we don't get on the waiting list for a Pharaoh, then our next choice is a boxer!

  2. Amazing baby :) Photo N 5 - especially))