Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sweet Randomness

Things went well at the dentist and the root canal went off without a hitch. Dr. T said I was a good patient and he'd let me come back. I don't think I want to take him up on that offer any time soon.

Now I get to wait about 3 weeks before getting my crown done. Good times.

Because there's nothing like two very expensive dental visits three weeks apart to ease the pain of a decent balance in your bank account.

Meanwhile, C was at home playing with his Cini. They had a big time and he was napping like a champ when I got home.

My face was numb until about 3pm, at which point I chowed down on a stick of string cheese and some vanilla wafers.

But enough about the tooth saga. It's time to announce a few holiday things going on in the blogosphere.

Boo Mamais hosting her third annual Christmas Tour of Homes. Here are the details. Be sure to check with her on December 15 to see all the sweet stuff.

Maybe you're not all keen on posting your Christmas decor on the web, but I'll bet you can get some stinking amazing ideas for next year from people who are much more creative than me!

Big Mama is having an Ugly Sweater Contest. Here's how to participate. And check back with her on December 17 to see the um, "winners."

You know you want to see those ugly sweaters. Maybe you even have one of your own. Come on...let's see it!

And it looks as if Argus is headed for North Dakota.

M3 put us in touch with Pawsitively Famous, an organization that is made up of Miranda Lambert fans who help pets in need of new homes. Through them, we have agreed to place Argus in Prairie Paws Rescue in Jamestown, North Dakota.

They already have some people interested in adopting Argus. Now we just have to figure out how to get him there. Prairie Paws and Pawsitively Famous are asking their volunteers to help get Argus to North Dakota. So we'll see how soon we can get him there.

If you're going that way anytime soon, or, you know, if you'd just like to take a quick trip to the top of the U.S., let me know. Pin It


  1. Well, I definitely want to go to North Dakota some time. Wanna wait til summer? We could plan a trip then to take Argus to his new home. No? I didn't think so.

  2. So sorry about Argus. I know how your feeling since we had to do the same thing with our JRT soon after Peyton was born. She was like our baby until he arrived. Funny how things change once you have a "real baby." Peyton still likes to get out the pictures of him with Sadie when he was a baby. Hope you find him a ride up north soon.