Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Works-For-Me-Wednesday: Packing for a Baby, Part 2

Last week I shared a WFMW tip about how I pack Chickster's clothes for a trip. This week, I thought I'd offer up a tip on how I pack everything else.

Well, not everything. But the stuff that doesn't fit well into anything else, you don't want squashed, and has a propensity to get lost easily. You know, all the junk you have to carry around when you have a little one.

The ointments, the creams, the tummy drops, the Tylenol, and other such things you must have. But you don't want them squashed or leaking.

Introducing the "school case" or "pencil box" or whatever you want to call it. I call it cheap. And easy. And from Wal-Mart. In fact, they were nearly stacked to the ceiling on my last trip because they've started getting the school supplies out.

Toss your stuff in, snap it shut, and you're all good. They stack or stand on their ends and you don't have to worry. Plus, nothing will get squashed. And if anything leaks, it's contained.

I also use one of these in the big diaper bag to carry an emergency supply of food for Chickster in case we get caught away from home and I need to feed him. Or a blizzard hits (yes, in July) and we must exist for three days on whatever nourishment we can find in the car. Clearly I should've been a Boy Scout.

Bib, spoon, container of baby food and a little bottle of water. Yep, it all fits. And I have another I use for when I need to carry snacks and stuff. Actually, I have several more. I use them in Chickster's changing table to contain all his different random baby things (think nose sucker bulb thing), medicines, and all sorts of smallish items and keep them from rolling around in the drawer.

Yes, I could use the little baskets that are 3/$1.00, and I do. But again, these stack. And snap shut. Sometimes it's the snapping shut that's priceless.

Just be sure to get the $1.00 one, not the 57 cent one. On the surface, they just look to be different in color. But the dollar one is slightly taller, thus holding a little bit bigger items.

So there it is. More of my Type A obsessions and confessions, combined with, perhaps, a useful tip. Be sure to check out Rocks in My Dryer for more Works For Me Wednesday. Pin It


  1. Great idea! I'm getting ready to have my first baby and looking for all the tips I can find!

  2. I have to say, I LOVE these ideas!! I'm a huge organizer, but with packing, everything still manages to find itself in places I dont want it to be! You have SAVED ME!! I LOVE YOU!! LOL Really, I'm grateful...

  3. Good tip! I wouldn't have thought to look in that section in the store for travel supplies! Thanks!