Monday, October 21, 2013

Disney 2013: Park Day 4 - Animal Kingdom

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For our fourth park day, we hopped a bus over to Animal Kingdom. We arrived about 8:20 and were among the first to get into the park when it opened. The last time we went to Disney, Animal Kingdom didn’t even exist. So this was a totally new adventure for us!

I know that Animal Kingdom is the favorite park of some, but we didn’t plan to spend a whole day there. There weren’t a lot of things Honor could ride, the kids weren’t really interested in shows, so we decided we’d do as much as we felt like doing, then head back to the resort.

This picture was taken right after we walked into the park…before the ridiculous humidity got to my hair.


Everyone says Animal Kingdom is the worst park for humidity, and they’re not kidding.

Our first stop was Kilimanjaro Safaris. It was a lot of fun, and the kids loved it. We also got really close to some of the animals. I could almost reach out and touch this baby giraffe.


Caedmon’s favorite…flamingos!


We had to stop and wait for a few minutes…the rhinos were in the way. Such a strange problem to have!


Caedmon decided he wanted to ride Dinosaur, so we made our way over to that corner of the park. While the guys rode Dinosaur, Honor and I rode our own dinosaurs.


We passed Expedition Everest, and offered Caedmon the opportunity to ride. He didn’t want to, so we didn’t push it. We made our way on over to Kali River Rapids, where Husband donned a poncho and Caedmon put on flip flops. Honor and I left the guys to ride the rapids, and we went to go see what fun we could find.

We found Mickey and Minnie…





and Tigger!


We found the guys, and they decided to ride Kali River Rapids a couple more times. So Honor and I headed off to see some more friends.

Honor could hardly wait to see Donald again.


Can you tell she loves Donald? And figured out the posing thing.


Next up was Chip n’ Dale…who Honor calls “Chicken Dale”. There wasn’t anyone waiting behind us, so she got to play with them for a little bit.



Then, we met up with the guys (who were pretty wet), and met Dug and Russell.


I asked Honor what she was supposed to tell Dug. She turned and said, “You a good dog.” He liked that…and demanded I come give him hugs. They were a fun meet & greet.


Caedmon decided by this time that he wanted to ride Expedition Everest. I rode it with him first. Under the strict instructions not to raise my hands in the air or scream. Apparently that was embarrassing. But then Caedmon got a little freaked out, so we got the picture just as I put my hand on his leg.


Caedmon rode again with Husband…who videoed the ride.


I’d heard lots of great things about Flame Tree BBQ, so we had lunch there. It was very good. Worth going back to, for sure.

We had fun, but that was all the fun we could stand for the day. We will plan to go back to Animal Kingdom next time – when the kids are a little older and we’re not pushing a stroller. It’s a big park!

We went back to the resort for rest time. I slipped away to do a little shopping at Downtown Disney while they finished their naps, then we had dinner and an early bedtime. We had to be ready for our fifth day in the parks, and our third day at Magic Kingdom!

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  1. Aw, isn't that baby giraffe the cutest? When we went the adults had him in the middle of the little field and were "guarding" him...they each took a spot on the road and were staring down the trucks, like "Move along, move along, nothing to see here." It was funny.

    The ONLY character meetup we did was with Dug and Russell. So fun!!