Friday, October 18, 2013

Disney 2013: Park Day 3 - Hollywood Studios

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For day three, we headed on over to Hollywood Studios!


My camera lens was horribly fogged up every morning, and I forgot to let it de-fog before our first pictures…and the sun was “so, so bright,” so we started off the day in an interesting way.

We arrived pretty early because I’d been reading on the DIS Boards that they’d been opening the park around 8:30. We were literally the second people in line when we arrived at a little after 8am, and we waited until 8:45 for the park to open. Passing the time was…interesting.


Like many others, we did the “Toy Story Sprint” once we were in the park, only stopping for a quick picture.


We walked right onto Toy Story Midway Mania, and we had fun with the 3D glasses.


Honor was super excited to ride with me – and she’s a pretty good shot, too!


Next, we went to Star Tours, for the first of Caedmon’s four times to ride it.


Then it was the Disney Junior Live show.


The kids loved it. They especially loved the bubbles, snow, and gold dubloons that fell from the ceiling!

Next, it was Lightning and Mater.


Then, it was lunch at Pizza Planet, and the best dessert I had all week. I wish I had a photo of that cappuccino cupcake, but I gobbled it up too quickly. It was huge and I planned to only eat half of it. I blinked and it was gone. And I didn’t share a bite of it. Not one. While I was busy snarfing my cupcake, Caedmon got to play a few games at the real Pizza Planet just like in the movie.


Then, it was time to meet Phineas and Ferb. I loved this greet. Someone got creative with the sidewalk chalk,


and all my favorite Phineas and Ferb songs were playing. One of the character handlers and I had a nice little duet going for a minute. It’s probably sad that I knew all the songs. I mean, he works there and listens to them all day long. I…well, I just watch a lot of Phineas and Ferb. Oh, and the kids loved this greet, too.


And we can’t forget Ducky Momo.


We did a lot of criss-crossing at this park, and for some reason, I had a hard time wrapping my head around its layout. We had 4:30 dinner reservations, so we decided to power through and not go back to the resort for naps. So next up was Indiana Jones.

Caedmon was invited to kick the show off by saying “Lights, camera, action,” but he declined. No amount of bribery could get him to agree to go out on the stage in front of people. But we got a “VIP” seat anyway, so being three or four rows back wasn’t too shabby.

And we loved it!


It’s a 30-minute show, but the kids loved every second of it. Even when it was loud.


Next up was Mike and Sulley. One of the fun things about this greet was that while we waited in line, we were listening to fight songs from different schools (just the bands – no lyrics). We hadn’t been waiting very long when the Razorback Fight Song started playing, and both the kids sang right along, just like proud little Razorbacks. Then when it was our turn, they basically tackled poor Sulley.



Honor wanted kisses from Mike.


And then insisted on holding Mike’s hand for pictures.


We stopped for a frozen snack and then found a Green Army Man.

I know. You’re thinking “whoop-de-do, a Green Army Man.” Of all the characters I wanted to meet, one of these guys was at the top of the list.


Of course, Caedmon thought he was pretty cool, seeing that we have about a thousand of this guy’s brothers in arms at our house. We assured him that we take great care of them. (Don’t look at my hair. Florida is not kind to it.)


Then, it was inside for a bit to see Frozone and Mr. Incredible.


Mr. Incredible kept trying to get Honor to smile.


We watched the MuppetVision 3D show, but didn’t get to see the Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast shows. We also skipped the Sofia and Jake greets. It was too hot and the lines were too long to wait outside to see them. And the kids weren’t that interested, honestly. I was surprised, but didn’t push it. I was fine with finding somewhere with air conditioning.

By late afternoon, it was hot and at least one member of our party was getting a little cranky. The guys headed off to ride Star Tours a few more times, and Honor and I hit the stores. Also? This happened. For the first time in the history of ever, my child fell asleep in the stroller.


It didn’t last very long, but it was glorious.

We had an early dinner at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Restaurant.


It was fun, and worth staying in the park for.


We went back to the resort and crashed. But not before I got everything ready for Animal Kingdom the next day!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by to see our HS day :). You can meet Indy after the show if you hang out when everyone else leaves! We discovered it two trips ago and the kids LOVE it.

    Our trick for seeing Sofia and Jake is to go while there is a Disney Junior going on - now before or after because that's when everyone else is trying to visit. And we get in line while they're on their breaks :)!

    It looks like you went the week before us - and you had better weather than we did! We usually go in December, and it was HOT in September!

  2. HS is laid out really weird. And because of fastpasses and things, we're always bouncing back and forth.

    (You didn't miss much at the Little Mermaid show. Sad, but true.)

    Girl, I hate what Florida does to my hair, too. That humidity makes it go so flat!