Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Disney 2013: Park Day 2 – Magic Kingdom

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For our second day in the parks, we started out with Magic Kingdom’s rope drop ceremony.

_DSC0270 crop

It was so fun to be welcomed to the park by Mickey himself!


And walking straight down Main Street, seeing the castle right in front of you? Magical every time.


While Husband went to get Fast Passes for Peter Pan and Winnie the Pooh, the kids and I sprinted walked quickly straight to Enchanted Tales with Belle. We were the first group in that morning!

(A word of warning…don’t get in the way of a woman pushing a stroller at a theme park rope drop. Just don’t.)

Enchanted Tales with Belle is an interactive adventure…and Caedmon’s roar won him the part of the Beast!


Lumiere took us back in time to the night Bell and the Beast fell in love, we got to experience the whole thing together. Also? Caedmon danced with a princess, y’all.


_DSC0339 - Copy


Honor got to meet Belle as well.


It was fun, and even though Caedmon didn’t want to go at first, he was pretty excited that he got to play the part of The Beast. He told me later he was glad I made him go. Momma knows, right?

Next, we headed over to the Little Mermaid ride…and to meet Ariel, of course!


Ariel saw lots of autographs from her friends in the kids’ books, and she asked us who we’d seen that day. Caedmon had a chance to tell her about dancing with Belle and demonstrated his Beast roar.


Then we rode the Peter Pan ride and waited around a few minutes to be ready when Peter and Wendy arrived.


Peter was funny – he asked Caedmon if he flew there. Caedmon said we drove, and Peter asked if he had driven the car himself. He asked Caedmon if he wanted to grow up one day, and Caedmon said he did. Peter asked why – he just couldn’t believe anyone would ever want to grow up. It was a fun exchange between the two, for sure. (Although Husband maintains that Peter Pan was kind of creepy.)


We didn’t tell Peter that Caedmon was on his way to become…a Pirate. True, Peter and Jake are friends, so it probably would’ve been ok. But you never can tell.

Caedmon went to the Pirates’ League and officially became Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates.



I think he makes a pretty good pirate, don’t you?


Then, we had a snack, rode Aladdin’s Magic Carpets, and toured the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House. The kids were not interested in meeting Aladdin or Jasmine, much to my dismay. But it was hot and I wasn’t going to fight it. So we rode Pirates of the Caribbean, ate lunch, and saw Woody and Jessie.



Caedmon had shed the Jake wig (it was hot!), and the makeup was starting to smear. Yeah, that was nice for pictures the rest of the day.


Ironically, it was great at smearing, but I had to basically scrub his skin off that evening to get the makeup off. So that was fun. Of course, I didn’t come prepared with “foam shaving cream” to get it off, as the Pirate Master suggested…while he was putting the makeup on.

We were about…done. We hit a few more rides (the guys rode Splash again and I took Honor to the carousel), and on our way out of the park, we caught the parade and picked out Mickey ears. I’d only been looking forward to his moment since…we first started thinking about taking the kids to Disney.


I know, Caedmon looks like a zombie apocalypse Mickey…blast that pirate makeup.


We skipped naps that day…sort of a calculated risk. It kind of paid off. We were hot and cranky by the time we left, but we took late naps and Husband and the kids played in the pool afterward while I did a load of laundry. We had a late dinner and everyone was able to go to bed at a decent time. Which was good, because the next day we were heading to Hollywood Studios!

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  1. We still have yet to do a rope drop. Between booking too many breakfast reservations and too many late nights (don't want to get up at 7:00 when we were in the parks till midnight...no thank you...) it's still on our to-do list. How fun he got to be Beast! Did you buy your Photopass CD?

    1. I think if we weren't there with the kids, we wouldn't do rope drop either! I did buy the PhotoPass+ CD, but only because I knew it would likely be the only way I would ever be in any of the photos. Ha! It was worth it - we ended up with over 200 photos. And the guys LOVED being able to get the ride photos.