Tuesday, May 14, 2013

{Late} Mother’s Day

My post is late. Don’t think my people were late with their celebration of Mother’s Day!

Saturday, a box arrived from FedEx. It was full of chocolate covered strawberries. I told Husband recently that I missed the chocolate covered strawberries we used to get this time of year when we lived in Austin. He remembered.

As soon as I opened the box of strawberries, Caedmon wanted to know if he could have one. When I gave him “the look,” he said, “Momma never shares her presents!” He wasn’t completely deprived – he got a bite or two. But there is no picture of said strawberries because, well, I would have to show you how many I’ve already eaten. By myself. And that might be just a little bit embarrassing. (I’m letting the kids have one this afternoon. Don’t judge.) Later, Caedmon asked me if he got a present on Mother’s Day. I think I disappointed him when I told him all he got for Mother’s Day was a Momma.

I also bought a piece of furniture on Saturday. We’ve been looking for the right piece to go in the living room under our TV. And y’all know me – I’m cheap. So I’ve been trolling Craig’s List for just the right piece. It just so happened that a new neighbor moving in down the street offered a perfect piece for sale at just the right price. So I walked down and snatched it up. Well, I walked down and paid for it. He delivered it later during the afternoon with his truck and trailer. Bless neighbors with trucks and trailers.

Then I got to spend Saturday afternoon/evening and Sunday after church working on refinishing it. And when I say “I got to,” I really mean I got to. Husband took care of the kids and let me spend time out in the garage by myself with paint and a jigsaw all sorts of things little hands shouldn’t touch. It was marvelous.

After church on Sunday, Husband took us to eat for Mother’s Day. We tried a local Mexican restaurant we’d heard good things about. It did not disappoint. The food was good, the guacamole was good, the service was good, and our server even taught Honor to say, “hola!” And? I even squeezed in a quick nap before I went out to the garage to paint.

I am thankful for my own Mom and the diligence with which she raised us. It would’ve been easy to just quit when she was so vastly outnumbered. But she didn’t. And she taught us valuable lessons that are still with us all today. She taught me how to be a Mom. I am the person I am and the Mom I am because of her influence.

I am thankful for my other Moms. You know, the ones who “Momed” me (and still do), even though I didn’t belong to them. They will always have a special place in my heart, and hopefully I can Mom someone else’s kid like that one day.

And I am thankful for my husband, who values me as a wife and Mom, and teaches our kids to do the same.

Last, but certainly not least, here’s the “card” Husband and the kids made for me. I love it!

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