Monday, May 13, 2013

Aunts and Uncles

My kids have awesome aunts and uncles.

Aunt Squirt taught Caedmon to ride a horse,


and played on the trampoline with Honor.


Uncle NLB is hilarious.



Aunt Fidget jumps out of perfectly good airplanes.


(It actually takes a long time to jump out of an airplane. Or so it seems when you’re waiting on the ground.)


Uncle Deputy Guy policed (Punny, I know.) lunch with the munchkins.


Uncle HLB cleaned up the ‘vette for the kids.


And they finally sat still for just a few minutes.


Aunt Fidget was busy chasing kids (or holding Cousin C), so we didn’t get many pictures of her this trip! And Aunt Trump was busy with Cousin C most of the time, so there aren’t many pictures of her, either. That’s ok. They’re still awesome.

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