Thursday, May 16, 2013

2 Year-Old Pictures

I finally took some 2 year-old pictures of Honor. And a few of Caedmon. I haven’t had time to edit them yet, but I wanted to post some, because, my goodness these kids are cute.

I started with Honor. She was a m.e.s.s.


But so stinking cute.


This is the birthday outfit I made for her. I still love it.



I got a few pictures of Caedmon, too.


He’s growing so much!



We’re practicing for senior pictures with the angst. (He was upset that Honor was throwing sticks off the bridge while he was being tortured in front of the camera lens.)


And of course, I had to get some shots of them together. Which sounds much easier than it is. Really.


Finally, they sat still for a nano-second.


I think it’s safe to say that Honor was feeling sassy that day.


Seriously? This cracks me up.


I can’t say it enough. I love how much these two adore each other. Sure, they fuss. But they don’t just love each other, they actually like each other. I’m so blessed by these kids and am thankful to be their Mom.

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