Friday, May 10, 2013

The Cousins

We had a ton of fun with cousins while we were visiting.

Caedmon and Quintin run at different speeds, but they do have fun together.


Honor and Eliza are sweet together, but Honor seems to be the bossy one of the two. Imagine that. And? She’s taller than Eliza. She’s taller than somebody. Ha!


Reading the alphabet book that I used to read as a kid!


These boys tried to re-inflate some popped balloons. It didn’t go so well for them.


The girls enjoyed the ‘vette. Mostly.


Did I mention how much my kids adored their new Cousin C? They do.


Honor has even named one of her baby dolls after her. It’s pretty sweet.

These boys were a mess, trying to get their picture together.



The girls were a little better.

(Remember how Honor was taller? Apparently only when they’re standing. Go figure.)


But not much better. They didn’t sit still long.


At least it ended with a hug.


Cousins have such a special bond. I love that they have fun together…at least most of the time.

We tried to get a shot of the big cousins with Mom and Dad…and this is the best we managed.


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