Monday, March 25, 2013

Practice Patience and Pray the Dye Doesn’t Spill

Dyeing Easter Eggs is one of those nostalgic things. When you were a kid, you remember it being fun and magical and special. When in actuality, as an adult, you want it to be fun, but it’s an exercise in patience and constantly praying the dye doesn’t spill.

My poor, poor mother.

We dyed Easter Eggs this past weekend. Caedmon helped me prep the dye before naptime. I finally got smart and decided to let the tablets dissolve long before we were ready. Waiting for those things is torture.


I tried baking the eggs this time instead of boiling them. It worked well, but the eggs ended up with brown spots on them. They washed off after the eggs cooled a bit, and didn’t make any difference to the dye. Also? No cracks. I’ve never boiled eggs without at least one of them cracking.


It was an exercise in patience.


I constantly prayed the dye wouldn’t spill.


But I hope for the kids, it was fun.


And magical.


And special.


Just like this face Caedmon for me.


Afterwards, I let him mix the dye in the sink. I remember loving this. He didn’t quite use the same method I did.


And I think he was a bit disappointed that all mixing leads to brown.


Soon after, this egg became the first casualty.


I’m sure the others won’t be far behind. It’s a good thing we hide the plastic kind!

What kind of eggs do you hide? Husband grew up hiding real eggs, but we always hid (candy stuffed!) plastic eggs. They’re much less stinky when you miss one.

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  1. Yes, yes and yes! Last year was our first year dying eggs (oldest son was 3.5) and I realized it lost its "magic" as a parent! Oh well- at least the kids have fun, right? Looks like yours did for sure! Happy early Easter!

    1. Thanks! Yes, I remember dying at least 2 dozen as a kid. Of course, there were 7 of us to divide the eggs between. Now I just keep wondering what I'm going to do with all of those eggs in the fridge. Ha!

      Happy Easter to you, too!