Thursday, March 28, 2013

Children’s Discovery…Mom’s Naptime Guarantee

Earlier this week, we went to a Children’s Discovery Center in a nearby town with some friends. We’ve all been cooped up in the house with a recent cold snap, so we were all ready to get out, play, hang with friends, and the Moms were ready for some worn out kids for naptime!

To say that Caedmon enjoyed the giant water table would probably be an understatement.


Honor tried her hand at gardening for a little bit, but once she discovered she was basically standing on a brown mattress, she decided it was more fun to “Jump! Jump!” (Notice the stunning lack of vegetables in the garden…I think that was her doing. She needed her jumping space.)


The boys spent the most time at the train. Well, “mining” coal and filling the coal car.


Honor spent her time at the train driving…of course.


We took a break for lunch. It was interesting, with all eleven kids and four Moms in one spot together!


I tried to get the kids to sit in the kayak together for a picture. But someone has a serious case of “I had it first” right now, so it didn’t turn out very well.


Honor finally made her way to the kitchen to play with the girls.


While the boys did some serious work on this car.


They had so much fun with this car! The muffler and other parts are attached via Velcro, and the wheels were held on with giant plastic lug nuts. They spent a ton of time taking things apart and putting them back together, topping off the “fluids”, and changing tires.

Honor and Sam eventually found the blocks.


They are so sweet, and generally play quite well together. Sam’s the 3rd child and is used to being bossed around, so he’s not phased a bit by Honor’s need to be in charge.

We did manage a group picture of the nine big kids. But it was a task. And this is the best it got.


I think all the kids were worn out by the time we were done, and I know the Moms were! Keeping up with the eleven kids between the four of us was a chore in that place. But it was a fun day with some new and not-so-new friends, and we’ll definitely be back to play again!

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