Saturday, February 02, 2013

Wrestling Crocodiles and Dingoes Simultaneously

It’s actually been a little crazy around here. Monday night, Honor was awake about a bajillion times. I’m not exactly sure why, but I’m going to blame it on the four eye teeth and at least one molar she’s working on.

Tuesday night was more of the same, starting at bedtime. She finally settled down for good just in time for some crazy storms to hit and keep me awake until about 4am watching the radar. Apparently there were about 30 confirmed tornados in middle Tennessee (I’m still learning my local geography, so don’t ask me what that actually means). Yes. Tornados in January. It was actually 70 degrees at 4am after 70+ mph winds swept through. Our only personal damage was a busted can in the pantry.

I kid you not. Right when the squall line was about to push through, we heard a noise, but couldn’t figure out what it was. Caedmon discovered it the next morning. It was a can of chipotle peppers that had not only busted, but splattered all over every canned good we had, and juice ran all over the shelf. Because I have no idea the reason the can decided to burst all over everything, I cleaned the pantry with bleach and trashed everything it touched, just in case it was bacteria-related. (After consulting The Google and a few other places, I decided that it was probably a combination of a couple of different things, but not likely bacteria. Just the perfect storm, if you will.)

Also? My voice was giving out. As in, sometimes I sounded awful. The rest of the time, I sounded…not at all. We went over to play at a friend’s house. The kids had a blast, and it was nice to get to hang out with friends. Honor had a whole hour’s worth of nap before we had to meet the inspector at the house. By the end of the day, my throat hurt terribly and my voice sounded even worse.

Thursday? Thursday, I could only whisper. Literally, I would try to talk and nothing would come out. So, whisper it was. Which was really interesting, seeing that we had to go to Target to buy diapers. And, you know, survive the day. School work went out the window, mostly. At least, the reading part did. Caedmon wasn’t opposed to that, and was pretty excited when I stopped at Redbox and picked up a Lego Star Wars game for him to play instead of school work.

And the kids got away with a lot of yelling and fussing with each other. Mainly because they couldn’t hear me telling them to stop. On the up side, Honor slept Thursday night. Maybe the fussing wore her out. While she was finally sleeping, I watched Pitch Perfect and tried to laugh my head off. Except no sound came out. It was aca-awkward. And I found a new way to describe what a Mom of multiple kids does all day: wrestle crocodiles and dingoes simultaneously. For real. Also? It snowed. Just a dusting, but snow is snow. It’s no wonder my voice is gone. We go from balmy 70 degrees to snow.

Yesterday, my voice was a bit better. I could at least talk a bit now and then. But still no reading homework. Caedmon asked why we weren’t doing school, and I introduced him to the idea of a “sick day.” He quickly pointed out that he wasn’t sick. But I told him that since I was his teacher, he gets a sick day if I am sick. I think he liked that idea.

So it was more movies, Xbox, toys, and LEGOs. Then basketball practice. And a Walmart run. And McDonald’s for dinner. Where they shorted us a cheeseburger and a straw. They’re not on my good list right now.

Today is Caedmon’s basketball game and maybe some chillin’. Hopefully my voice will be back soon and we can get ready for the walk-thru at the house this week!

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