Thursday, February 07, 2013

BE instead of DO

So, last week when I was sans working vocal cords (that still haven’t really recovered) and Husband was out of town on business, my kids spent way too much time without their normal schedule. We watched too much TV, played too many video games, and ate too much junk.

It was a great reminder to just take some time and be instead of do.

While Caedmon was enjoying some Xbox, Honor colored. And had me writing numbers on her paper for her. We also put puzzles together. She enjoys telling me to “sit here” when she wants me to do something with her, usually read or look at her photo book. We spent quite a bit of the morning together. Since I couldn’t really talk, I think she enjoyed bossing me around.

I felt bad about leaving Caedmon to his own devices with the Xbox, but he was enjoying himself. And I knew he and I would have some time together while Honor was napping.

Later, Caedmon and I used marshmallows and toothpicks to make structures. He had a blast building with them. And of course, eating, the marshmallows. We had fun just hanging out together.

I had no voice, and we didn’t accomplish anything. But it was a good day.

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