Friday, February 08, 2013

Stream of Consciousness

I’m standing at the kitchen counter. My men are at basketball practice. Honor is sitting at the kitchen table watching her favorite DVD. Oz is firmly planted under/on my feet (where he and Honor usually vie for attention while I cook dinner). Jenna’s White Chicken Chili is on the stove and homemade freezer rolls (recipe to come one of these days) are in the oven. Dinner is smelling delicious.

My voice is back. Kind of. It still cuts out on me sometimes. And I still sound like a man. I know that when I called the fence contractor and called to set up trash service at the house today, they probably wondered if I was a he or a she. They guessed right both times. Maybe my voice isn’t quite as bad as I think.

The kids and I made a spur-of-the-moment trip to Hobby Lobby this morning and stayed for over an hour. That store tends to do that to you. But we got a mirror for the half bath at the new house and finished choosing hardware for our towel racks, I think. Now to put them all together and have them ready to install. And I rewarded my longsuffering children (and myself) with French fries.

We stopped by the new house on the way home. The finish paint is done. The ladies were there to clean (again). I’m so thankful they are there over and over to clean before we close and move. I’m sure I’ll clean some more before we move in, but they’re doing the hard work, really. When you hear one of them tell the other, “Go get the Shop Vac,” you just smile, thank them for their hard work, and leave before you see the reason for the Shop Vac.

The new maintenance guy came by the townhouse today. He was here to take care of a fallen tree branch in the back yard, and told me that he will be moving in here after we vacate. I had to bite my tongue. In fact, I almost laughed. He could keep himself busy in his off-hours in this place. If, that is, the squirrels will let him sleep. And the ants don’t carry away everything in the kitchen. Sweet, sweet justice.

I’m not sure if I should be excited about getting to go to Lowe’s by myself tomorrow or not. Husband is not a fan of the store, but I love it. But I’m going to have to buy things that aren’t necessarily fun. Window blinds. Chair slides. Air conditioner filters. Yeah, not fun. But necessary. And they mean we’re *that much* closer to actually needing those things for the house. Which is super exciting. But Lowe’s on a Saturday is never my favorite.

If all goes according to plan, we will close on the house on Monday. And then the hard work begins. Y’all know how much I hate moving. But I’m so looking forward to being in a house again and the kids having their own space. And having a little bit of privacy again. Well, as much privacy as you get when there are young kids in the house, anyway.

Honor is done with her DVD and is back under my feet, trying to move the immovable Oz. She’s chewing on a pacifier (that she usually only plays with), which can only mean that her gums are bothering her. She’s getting four eye teeth and possibly two molars, so I think that’s a pretty safe bet.

The rolls are out of the oven and my guys will be ready for dinner as soon as they walk in the door any second now. Time to uproot Oz from his firmly planted position on my left foot and get things rolling.

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