Monday, January 28, 2013

Big {Top} Weekend

We had a busy, but great weekend!

Saturday morning, we got ready for Caedmon’s basketball game. I made a “spirit shirt” for Honor to wear to the games to cheer for Caedmon. To say that she loves this shirt would be a bit of an understatement. She loves the sparkly “12” the most, of course. (The number is on the back, too.)


Yeah, it’s huge on her. But I couldn’t find a smaller t-shirt in “gold”. And if I went with navy, she didn’t have anything “gold” to wear with it. And do you know how hard it is to find “gold” pants/leggings/anything in her size? Or any size?

Caedmon loves that Honor has her very own shirt to wear to cheer him on. He actually asked where mine and Daddy’s shirts are. I kinda changed the subject and moved on. I’m not quite ready to be that Mom. Give me another season and I’ll get there. We’re already slightly weird with the sibling shirt.

Caedmon had a great basketball game. He hustled, played hard, and got to take a shot! He got the star for effort again this week! And we brought snacks, which his teammates thought were sweet. The coaches even wanted some. Nobody can pass up Little Debbie chocolate cupcakes or SpiderMan Cheez-Its.

Saturday afternoon, Caedmon and I went to the Circus. It was his first time, and I haven’t been in a long time. I don’t know who was more excited!

We went early for the pre-show, where Caedmon got to dance with clowns, see an elephant paint a picture, do a limbo line with acrobats, and practice some kung-fu moves with the kung-fu guys. And? Eat cotton candy!


We had great seats and it was so much fun to get to have this guy all to myself for the afternoon.



Caedmon and I had a blast at the circus. When I asked him what his favorite part was, he said, “EVERYTHING!”

While we were at the circus, Husband and Honor went on a little date of their own. They went to get ice cream and I don’t have any pictures of it since Husband took them with Instagram.

Thankfully, Sunday was low-key, because Saturday’s fun marathon was enough excitement for a while. Honor and I stopped by the house and saw the carpet installed (Eeeeep!) and the entire hardwood floors for the first time. It’s getting real, y’all!

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