Friday, January 25, 2013

House Update #9: Getting Close!

Things are rolling along and we’re getting ever closer to getting to close on our house!

Last Friday, the wood floors went in.


They’re covered in construction dust and a layer of cardboard, but I already love them.

The yard is finished!


Appliances have been installed (this was before the range/oven went in…we were there when they arrived!).


I am so thankful for our new house and the new appliances, but it does hurt my cooking heart just a little that I’m not able to have a gas range/oven.

The carpet was almost ready to go down when we were there yesterday.


Caedmon and Honor were excited about getting to climb on the rolls of carpet.

We’re on the home stretch! I probably won’t update again until after everything is finished – maybe before we move in, maybe not. Things are fixing to get busy!

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  1. Be careful with that glass top stove. We had the EXACT same one and the top shattered... Still no idea how that happened....

    1. Thanks, Megan! We've had one like this before and I was always nervous about it breaking from hearing others' stories about it happening! My preference would be gas anyway, but that's not an option in our area, so we had to go with this one. I'm hoping it holds up well and has a good warranty!

  2. Anonymous4:53 PM

    We have one, it's actually great, I don't have to worry about little fingers getting burned. Oh, and make sure you tell the kids about the light on it. There are 2 lights and one is to let you know that burner is on and the other to let you know the surface is hot. Mine know not to go near it if it's red, but our poor cat walked across it probably 20 minutes later. She hasn't touched the thing since. My brother in law made the mistake of putting an aluminum frozen lasagna tray on theirs, and all I know is DON"T PUT ALUMINUM ON THE GLASS SURFACE!!! Tin foil, soda cans... I'm so excited for you guys!!!!

    1. Ours before had similar lights. I'd forgotten about those! I had no idea about aluminum, though! Thanks for the head's up!