Saturday, December 08, 2012

What We’ve Been Up To

So, here’s what we’ve been up to lately.

We decorated cone “trees” (and ate them) one night before watching Elf with Caedmon.


The guys were pretty serious about theirs, and I helped Honor with hers.


Finished product!



Here’s mine.


And I wasn’t able to get a finished shot of Honor’s before…


Let’s just suffice it to say they were enjoyed by all. And I think Honor bounced around in her bed for quite a while before she finally settled down and went to sleep.

I decided to try my hand at PW’s Cinnamon Bread, but I mixed regular and whole wheat flour.



I loved it. Honor did, too. In fact, she would run into the kitchen and yell, “Bread!” The boys tolerated it. Which is fine – more for us!

The kids play with snap cubes as part of Caedmon’s math lessons sometimes. Honor thinks she’s big stuff when she gets to do what Caedmon’s doing.


And the other day, she figured out how to actually snap them together.


Caedmon’s always make cool noises, somehow.


We also decorated a gingerbread house. Caedmon was in charge of the tree and part of the house. Honor and I decorated the gingerbread man and part of the house.



Honor couldn’t hang very long and ended up, well, like this:


It might have had something to do with the fact that she wasn’t allowed to eat the gingerbread man.

We live in a cruel, cruel world.

Caedmon likes to sit at the table and play with Legos. Honor doesn’t have Legos, but she can play with Caedmon’s “guys,” as she calls them.


I love it when they play together. Or alongside each other, anyway. It’s not always easy for them to play together since Honor can’t play with the tiny things. So I like it when they can each play with their own, appropriate, toys and hang out together. They like it, too.

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