Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Favorite and My Best

I love watching Charlie & Lola with Caedmon. It’s sweet that brother and sister love each other, relate well to each other, and generally enjoy spending time with each other on a cartoon. Yes, a tv show. I also love that it always starts out with Charlie saying, “I have this little sister Lola. She’s small and very funny.”

But the best part by far is when Lola really likes something. In her sweet British accent, she says, “…it’s my favorite and my best.”

Fourteen years ago today, I married someone who is my favorite and my best.

It’s been a busy 14 years. We’ve lived in five states, one of them twice. God has blessed us with two amazing kids. And though we’re not perfect, we’re perfect for each other.


I’m looking forward to many more years together!

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