Friday, November 09, 2012

House Update #3: Concrete

Last Saturday, the kids and I left Husband to watch a little football in peace and went over to the house. While we were there, the salesman for our neighborhood was out, and we stopped to chat. He let us know that we would be ready to pour the foundation this week after the final inspection was completed on the plumbing, etc.

We also got to meet some neighbors who are building just down the street from us. They have family from Arkansas, and still have roots there. It’s a small, small world.

The week started out dreary and rainy, so I was really anxious about getting that inspection done and having the concrete poured by the end of the week. But when we stopped by the office on Wednesday, Jason (the neighborhood’s salesman) said, “You have a foundation!” Maybe he was happy because we’d taken him some Red Velvet Cake Balls. But I like to think he was genuinely happy about our foundation, too. Apparently, the weather had cooperated enough for them to get it poured on Tuesday.

So, the kids and I headed over to check everything out. Not only did we have concrete, we had another pile of rocks, which Caedmon quickly conquered.

King of the Hill

Isn’t this a nice piece of concrete? At least, I hope it is.

Foundation, wide

Foundation, reg

We walked around on the foundation and I showed Caedmon where each room would be. When I would say something like, “Ok, let’s go back downstairs,” he’d remind me that we were just pretending and that we really weren’t upstairs. This boy will keep me grounded in reality, that’s for sure.

As if a slab and pile of rocks weren’t cool enough, Caedmon got to watch the guy on the track hoe digging trenches for our plumbing and electrical lines.

The kids and I made happy faces when we got home to express how excited we were about our concrete.

Happy faces

We drove by earlier this morning, and it looks like they are working on finishing up the plumbing and electrical trenches, and might have those filled in by the end of the day.

I’m not sure how long the concrete has to cure before they can work on the framing, but hopefully it won’t take too long!

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