Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Deep Thoughts from Caedmon

“Momma, I feel different than I need to feel.”

“Oh yeah? What’s different?”

“I feel like I need to…rest.”

“So that means you didn’t sleep enough and you’re tired, huh?”

“No, I slept enough. I just need to lay down and watch some TV.”

Well played, my boy. Well played.


Caedmon and I were riding in the car when I heard him pipe up from the back seat, “I tooted back here!”

“Oh really? Well, keep that to yourself, huh?”

“No. My tootness is going to spread all over the car.”

Not exactly what I meant. But at the same time, exactly what I meant.


About once a week (if we can swing it), we have a “declared” pajama day. Which means I wear yoga pants and a comfy t-shirt while the kids wear pajamas – sometimes changing into different pajamas than they slept in. This particular day, I was changing Honor out of fuzzy footie pj’s and putting her into some that would be easier for her to climb every piece of furniture move around in. Caedmon decided he would change as well.

“Mom, I’m going to leave my robot shirt on and just find some different pajama pants.” (He’d worn monkey pj pants with his robot shirt.)

“Ok, that will be fine.”

Caedmon pulled out some pants and put them on. Then proudly stood and exclaimed, “Mom! Look!”

He’d put on the matching pants – so he was now wearing robot pants with his robot shirt. Novel idea.

With a look that says “I’m completely awesome” on his face, he said, “I can’t believe I never thought of this before! Now my pajamas match each other!”

I suppose all the time I spent putting those blasted pajamas into matching sets in his drawer was completely overlooked. Also all the times I laid matching pajamas out for him to wear and he wore them. It truly isn’t a “thing” until he discovers it. Lord, help us during the teenage years!

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