Saturday, September 22, 2012

We’re Moving Again. Again.

Yes, we just moved into our new rental house three months ago. Yes, we thought we’d be here for a while. Yes, we are a bit crazy.

God has brought an opportunity for Husband to work at LifeWay Christian Resources with a specific project that reaches a lot of people (at a lot of churches) on a weekly basis. Which is awesome. And something he never thought he’d be doing. But it means we have to move. Again.

Y’all know how much I hate moving. So you probably also know that this is something we prayed about, thought about, talked about, and tried to talk ourselves out of. We just couldn’t. We knew this was from God, even though it’s not what we had planned.

So there are a lot of mixed emotions with this move. I don’t even need to tell y’all how much I dread the actual move. (Maybe I will anyway.) We’ve all made friends that we will be sad to leave behind. And we will miss our church and staff we’ve come to know and love over the past year. But the excitement of something completely new and different just can’t be squashed. It’s also a little scary. But we know that God has called us to it, so He will bless it.

I don’t know our actual move date yet. We’re still working out details, which makes me start to twitch if I think about too much. So I just won’t think about it right now.

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  1. His will is always best! Will you be moving to Nashville? If so, that's a great deal! Love Nashville!

    1. Yes, I agree! Thanks! We will be in the Nashville area, and I hear it's great!