Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Family Pictures, Summer 2012

We finally got around to having our family pictures taken in July. And I’m just now getting to post them. My friend Kathy took them, and I am in love.

Honor chose that singular day in her short little life to act like a complete turkey. When I say she was a mess, that doesn’t even begin to describe it. We were desperate enough to seriously consider paying a random couple walking their dog to hang out with us because that dog was the one thing that made her somewhat happy during the photo shoot. The face she makes in half of the shots, I have never, ever seen her make again. I guess it was her “Magnum.”

But we’d tried to get together for pictures for over a month. And we were almost rained out on this day. So I wasn’t letting a little thing like a crazy toddler make us reschedule again. Also, it was about 90 degrees with a thousand percent humidity. Do you know how much product I’d had to put on my hair so it didn’t look like a frizzy ball of mess? No. We were doing this.

Considering the craziness, I’m amazed that Kathy was able to capture any good shots, much less this many great ones!



A fun little note for my movie and TV buff friends: these are the streets where The Walking Dead is filmed. Other things filmed in and around this town include Lawless, Steel Magnolias, Sweet Home Alabama, and Fried Green Tomatoes, to name a few.


See what I mean by “the face”? Stinker.

I love this one of Caedmon and me. He was such a trooper during all the craziness.


Me with my two little sweethearts.


She’s lucky she’s so cute.


Melt my heart.



Y’all know I love the baby feet.


I also might’ve confessed to Kathy that those shoes were on the verge of being too small for Honor, but I put them on her for the photos because they were my her favorites. She wore them for these pictures, and every time she sees the one I have hanging in the kitchen, she says, “Shoes!” (Or her version of it.)

My guys!


I love that you can see Honor and me in the reflection of this one. Kathy “fixed” one so that reflection goes away, but I think I like this version better!

Daddy with his little loves.


I love this.


See this happy look on Honor’s face? That’s right – the couple with the dog were kind enough to hang out for a second.


Melt. my. heart.


I think this one is hilarious. Husband looks confused, Caedmon is extremely happy, and Honor is clearly scheming.


Climbing on Mom? Why not!


She’s still working on that thought.


We managed a few shots of Husband and me. Kathy was quick, because the kids were about *thisclose* to being d.o.n.e.



We actually had to block the kids in an alley so they couldn’t get past us to make it to the street. That’s some more behind-the-scenes for you. It’s almost as good as a pop-up-video, right?

Thanks, Kathy, for the great photos! We love them!

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