Monday, August 13, 2012

We Now Proudly Own The Batcave

We brought the Batcave home the other day.

Caedmon has wanted this thing since the first time he saw it. And we told him that he could have it if he’d save his allowance to buy it. It was a big undertaking, it was hard, and it took him a long time, but he did it.

Husband took him to the store, they got the Batcave, and Caedmon handed his money to the cashier. And when they got home, Caedmon got to show his long-awaited purchase to Honor.


I’d say he’s pretty proud of himself.


Of course, Honor wanted to play, too.


Caedmon did a great job sharing with her. The Boy Wonder was perfect for his little sidekick to play with.


Caedmon played with that thing all day. And I do mean all day. At one point, he told me he was playing hide & seek with it. I’m not sure how that works, but I’m glad he had fun. I hope he feels like he’s getting his money’s worth.

Hopefully, he’s learned a valuable lesson in what it’s like to save up and get something he wants (delayed gratification) vs. impulse spending. Of course, it’s a lesson that must be repeated over and over, but starting when you’re young and there’s a plastic toy on the line is the best way to do it.

Fiscal responsibility: if a four year-old can learn it, anybody can.

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  1. That expression on his face leaning on it is priceless. :O)

  2. I think my Hubby would love that too! ;) Yes, I love fiscal responsibility lessons, Hubby throws little things out to our babies all the time, hehe!