Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Thoughts of Randomness

1. We’ve started teaching Honor how to play hide & seek. She loves it. We work in pairs, and either Husband or I will take her to hide and then to seek, and the other one pairs up with Caedmon. But she has a hard time being quiet when it’s our turn to hide. Surprise, surprise. So I started teaching her “shhhh!” and holding my finger up to my mouth/nose – you know, like normal people do. She thinks it’s hilarious, which usually causes her to make more noise instead of less.

Yesterday afternoon, the kids and I played hide & seek as a threesome for the first time. I’d send Caedmon to hide, then help Honor find him. And then I’d help her hide. (My goal is to teach them to play without me – oh, glorious day!) So when I’d help her find a place to hide, she’d push the end of her nose like she was pushing a button and exhale loudly. She was telling me to be quiet. Stinker.

2. Honor is very good at finding when we play hide & seek. She remembers hiding spots and will go straight to the favorites to check them out.

3. We’ve removed the foam bumpers from Honor’s crib now. They were starting to be used as a climbing mechanism. Now the girly, pretty, custom-made bumpers are gone and the ugly, brown, non-climbable bumpers are in. Sigh.

4. My brain is about to explode from trying to plan the start of school next week along with Husband’s and Caedmon’s birthdays and Caedmon’s party. Caedmon is the one supposed to be having a Spider-man party, but the way my brain is working these days, Husband might end up with the web crawler on his big day if I’m not careful. Not that he’d be all that upset.

5. I now know why my siblings and I rarely had “friend” birthday parties.

6. Caedmon is excited about starting school next week. Let’s hope that excitement carries over to, you know, next week.

7. Caedmon and Honor have really played well together this week. And I’m loving it. He gets frustrated with her when she disrupts his setup, but they’ve really done well lately. I can’t say that she’s learning to share or not to swipe his perfectly lined up people like BabyZilla, but one of these days she might get the hang of it. And when all else fails, Caedmon just builds block towers and lets her knock them down.

8. Olympics. Yes, I’m still watching. And loving every minute of it. Even track and field, which is probably my least favorite. Somebody’s got to run and jump and stuff. And throw javelins and heavy metal balls. I’m glad they do it, but things like Beach Volleyball are so much more fun to watch.

9. Oh, our family pictures the other day? They were probably about *thisclose* to being a disaster. Honor chose that moment in time to act like we were complete and utter strangers. She also seemed to be pretending that she was being dipped in acid instead of being held by her mother. Or father. Or brother.

Thankfully, our photographer was patient. And a kind passer-by was willing to stand around with their dog for a minute or two so Honor would look in the right direction, as that was the only thing she seemed to care about besides getting the heck away from us. Kathy has shown us a few previews, and I’m pretty sure she was able to work miracles to get just the few I’ve seen. I can’t wait to see the rest!

10. I’m pretty sure my kids are super cute. That is all.

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one with an almost exploding braing trying to get things together for homeschool (and I'm not even planning parties too!) :-)