Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I just thought I’d give an update on what the kids have been up to lately.

Caedmon is settling into school very well. He enjoys learning, especially when it’s accompanied by Play Doh.


Or food. (Learning “more” and “less”.)


He also got to use watercolor paints for the first time not long ago.


(This is also where he told me to leave him alone because he needed to pay attention to what he was doing. Excuse me.)

Honor loves to brush her teeth. Every time she goes into my bathroom, she points at the counter and yells, “Teee!” (Teeth!)


She does well sitting still with her toothbrush, but if she gets up, I take it away from her. She’s learned pretty quickly that if she wants to have an epic tooth-brushing session, she has to keep that hiney on the floor. Which also means she might periodically try to clean the tile with her toothbrush. Or offer to brush Oz’s teeth. (Thankfully, he declines.)

Honor loves to read. During the day, she’s rarely still. Unless she’s reading books. Then she’s still not very still. But “still” is relative when you’re 16 months old, right?


She also loves to read to her babies, so she usually has a doll and a blanket when she’s reading. Or watching TV.


The kids love to draw on the porch with chalk.


Honor thinks she’s big stuff now that she’s allowed to use chalk.


We got Caedmon’s ride-on turtle out and passed it down to Honor. She loves it. When Caedmon’s not riding it.


And Caedmon still spends a lot of time playing with this thing.


Which is a good thing. A very good thing.

The rest of this week is going to be busy, but fun. Nana arrives, Caedmon turns 5, and we celebrate his birthday with his friends. And it’s the official start of football season. Can’t get much better than that.

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  1. Honor looks so much like you, especially in the picture of her on the turtle! Such a cutie!

    1. Thanks! Your girls are adorable! I may need some tips on how you handle that long, beautiful hair!

  2. My kids can't get enough of sidewalk chalk!

  3. So glad to have found your blog again, new follower, and also a follower of yours on Twitter as well. :)

    I'm SO ready for some football!!!