Wednesday, July 25, 2012

15 Months

*Thanks for all of your comments and emails regarding Caedmon’s mystery illness. Y’all have some great thoughts and definitely have given me some things to think about and look into. Thankfully, he’s feeling much better already. We’ll just mark the calendar and see what happens in 6-8 weeks!*

Honor is 15 months, going on 14. This girl is a mess. A funny, sweet, smart, hot mess.

First, her official stats are: 19 pounds, 11 ounces, and 29 inches tall. That puts her in the 26th percentile for weight, 7th for height. But that height percentile has moved up from the 4th, so she’s getting her ratios spread out a little bit. Dr. D says she’s hitting her milestones wonderfully and is a healthy little girl.

And just the other day, I discovered she’s completely grown out of every pair of shoes she owns except for her pink Crocs. (It suddenly made sense why my shoe-loving child was trying to constantly take them off. Duh, Mom!) So it looks like she’ll be wearing Crocs until I can get her some new shoes. I was hoping her shoes would hold out until the end of the summer, but apparently that’s not happening.

Honor loves her brother. She and Caedmon play well together most of the time. Even when she’s invading his space or messing up his stuff, she only has the best of intentions. For now, anyway.


Honor talks. A lot. She doesn’t always say real words. In fact, most of the time, she doesn’t say real words. But don’t tell her that. She’s positive she’s properly communicating her thoughts and we’re just not paying attention. Also? She’s loud. I have no idea where that comes from. *ahem*


But she does like to try to imitate words. We were reading a book the other day and she was trying to repeat everything I was pointing out. Such a new, strange thing to me since Caedmon chose to start talking all at once. One thing that is similar though, is that they both enjoy practicing echo location when we’re in Walmart. So yeah, that could be my kid you hear squealing, waiting about 30 seconds, and squealing again. Sorry.


Honor does love her books, though. She will go into her room and stroll every single book out and tote them around the house. And chew on the corners. Ick. This one, though, I think she may love a little too much. Stop kissing the owl!


Also? Honor loves her baby doll. We have her “bedtime baby,” of course, but at the church nursery, she discovered that other kinds of baby dolls exist. And there’s one that has become “her” baby. So I thought she might enjoy having a similar one at home.

I let her go with me to pick it out. She was ecstatic when we turned onto the baby doll aisle, and when I handed her one to keep, she went a little nuts. I think everyone in the store knew she was excited about that baby. She loved on it until I had to viciously rip it from her tiny fingers so we could check out.

buying baby

But all was well again when we got home and actually took the baby out of the package. I think she likes her.


Oh, and? This kid climbs on anything she can hike her little leg or foot up on. Coffee table? Check. Couch? Check. Fireplace hearth? Check. Caedmon’s bathroom stool (so she can reach something she couldn’t before)? Check. It’s craziness.

However, she follows directions very well. Usually if I tell her to get down, she actually does. And while we were in the living room the other night, she picked up a toy, and I said, “That goes in the kitchen. Go put it in the toy box.” She trotted her little self right into the sunroom and put the toy into the toy box where it belonged. Are babies supposed to be able to do that at 15 months? But as compliant as she is at those times, she’s equally hard-headed at others. I don’t know where she gets that, either.

I learned something new at Honor’s well-check. Did you know this is actually a milestone?


Apparently, she’s doing quite well.

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