Wednesday, May 09, 2012

No Broccoli, Please

Honor is a great eater. I’ve never seen a kid that easily eats so many foods. I’ve fed her artichoke hearts and kalamata olives, and she’s gobbled them up. She loves spicy sweet potato fries and anything I make with Ro-tel tomatoes. She loves strawberries and kiwi. And don’t even think about eating a banana without sharing with her.

She doesn’t, however like scrambled eggs.

Or broccoli.

She has this thing she does with her tongue when she either doesn’t like something, or has had enough. She ate two bites of broccoli and then started this business:

Crazy kid.

Last night, she ate 2/3 of an avocado, some cilantro lime rice, and 1/4 a black bean enchilada. I guess if she decides to only eat two bites of broccoli, she’s going to make up for it.

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1 comment:

  1. cute. mine are super picky, so you're lucky!