Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Continued

Here’s more of our Easter fun!

We dyed eggs last week.



Last year, Honor was just a couple of weeks old. This year, she didn’t get to actually help, but she had fun supervising (and catching a snack).


This face cracks me up!


Their special eggs…


I made a dress for Honor – not specifically for Easter – but that’s what she ended up wearing when we went to church on Friday night.


I also made her bow.


I know. It’s like I don’t even know myself anymore.

(I actually bought her Easter dress over a year ago, but she ended up not wearing it this weekend. She is, however, going to wear it when we have family pictures taken soon. I’m sure you were dying to know.)

We did our Easter goodies and egg hunting on Saturday.


Both of the kids got chocolate bunnies and Peeps. Honor isn’t really eating candy at this point, so we’ll have to help her out with that. Such a sacrifice.

Honor got some Little People, a sippy cup, a doll, and a couple of bath toys.


She also got some rockin’ shades.


Husband and I each got our favorite candy. And Caedmon got bubbles, a puzzle, a fishing game,…


…and the most important thing of all, a Boba Fett action figure and his land speeder.


We also hunted eggs in the backyard on Saturday.


Caedmon found a very special egg!


Honor wasn’t really down with the egg hunting thing.


She preferred sticks.


We had a fun Easter.

And I had a nice week away from the computer. Not that I didn’t miss it – because I did. Sometimes, you just need a pseudo vacation.

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