Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patrick’s Goodies

I’ve never been one for going crazy over St. Patrick’s Day, but I thought getting a little green would be fun for Caedmon. So on Friday night, I explained the whole “get pinched if you’re not wearing green” thing, and he thought it was awesome.

Saturday morning, St. Patrick’s Day, Caedmon appeared at my bedside bright and early, already dressed. “Momma, I put a green shirt on so I won’t get pinched.” Since Husband is wonderful and lets me sleep in on Saturdays, he got up with the kids. But before they settled into their cartoons, Caedmon made sure to give me a good pinch since my pajamas did not contain any green.

But my breakfast contained green. No, I didn’t make green eggs or pancakes. Remember the sleeping in part? My breakfast was at about 10am. I had Key Lime Pie that I’d made the night before.



And then for his snack, I made Caedmon a “Shamrock float” – lime sherbet, 7Up, Whipped Cream, and green sprinkles. He loved it.



So that’s pretty much our St. Patrick’s Day. What’d you do?

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  1. Look at you and this cuteness! I did nothing for St. Patrick's Day. A thought of doing something crossed my mind...but then it was gone. Maybe next year. (: