Tuesday, March 20, 2012


***Mimi asked about the recipe for the Key Lime Pie in yesterday’s post. I didn’t share it because it’s not mine to share! But, you can find it in the Delightful Desserts recipe book from The Pampered Chef.***

Honor is already working on her multi-tasking skillz. She’s figured out how to carry items while she crawls.

Here are just a few items she’s recently toted while crawling.

Her bracelet, of course.


This little ball is one of her favorite things to tote.


A “sqeezie thing” from Halloween (I’m sure it has a real name, but that’s what we call it.).


And last but not least, a plastic “pearl handled” pistol. I’m fairly certain that’s not the proper way to carry a firearm, and I’m also pretty sure that the Duck Tape on the barrel is not an acceptable gunsmithing tool.


What do you think she’ll carry next?

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  1. So cute and funny. I love the gun that is just to much, if she can manage that ....she could mange anything.