Friday, March 16, 2012


Honor loves her brother. She also loves to eat. Sometimes, the two things are combined. As in, when Caedmon is having a snack and Honor discovers she can poach some of his food. There are just some food items that are special when a kid eats them for the first time. And Cheetos is one of them. I decided to just take pictures instead of fight it.

Here’s how it went down: “No Honor, you can’t have any of my Cheetos.”


“Really? Because I’m pretty sure I can reach them.”


“Mom! Honor is trying to get my Cheetos!”


“Haha! I told you I could get one.”


“Mmmmm. I think I like Cheetos!”


Cheetos happen to be one of Caedmon’s favorite foods in the history of ever. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I craved them like crazy when I was pregnant with him. I’m proud that he shared his treasured Cheetos with such a nice attitude. Next time, Honor will have to have her own bowl!

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  1. So cute, love the pup in the pic also!