Monday, March 26, 2012

Leggo My Legos

Friday, we went to the newly-opened Legoland Discovery Center.

This kid was super excited.


We met a new friend when we were waiting to go in. Yeah, he’s made of Legos.


The kids got to see how Lego bricks are made…


…then see how much they weigh in Lego bricks.


The models of ATL buildings were cool.



Lots of things were interactive. Caedmon loved them.


Caedmon and I got to go on the fun rides.


And we all watched the 4D movie. We got splashed, snowed on, and sneezed on by a dragon!


Caedmon and Husband built something to try out on the earthquake table. They also built and raced a car.


Caedmon also played in the giant play area with foam Lego bricks and lots of tunnels and slides.

There were tables, tubs, and giant floor play areas with buildable Lego bricks. In short, there were Legos everywhere. The entire place was a big ol’ place to play with Legos. Imagine that. But seriously…they were everywhere. They even had a “girl” area with pink bricks and girly things.

Honor finally got to get down and play. But first, we said hello to the Lego doggie.


She enjoyed the toddler play area with the stackable foam Lego bricks.


She did try to stack them, by the way.



Yeah, that’s a giraffe made of Legos back there. That was the small one!

We brought home a few souvenirs.


The store had a make-your-own-figure station. Caedmon could’ve chosen from several things to take home, but he wanted to make his own guys. Can’t beat that for $3!


Husband and I were actually surprised at how great the prices were in the Lego store. And of course they had a bigger selection than Target/Walmart. I also loved the pick-a-brick wall. An entire wall of sorted, color-coded bricks. Yeah, that by itself made me happy. But you could purchase individual bricks, so if you wanted a special piece, you could just get that one piece. Pretty neat.

I’m sure we’ll end up going back. When you love Legos as much as we do, how can you not?

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  1. Aaron is always so jealous of the lego brick wall. He really needed that as a kid. I have a feeling we will visit it often as Charles gets older.
    That earthquake table is so cool!

  2. We've loved Legos since our oldest son (nearly 17) was a toddler. The Lego Discovery Center in Chicago has an indoor roller coaster, as well as a ride similar to the one in your picture. Now you need to go to the Legoland theme park! We love the one in southern CA. It is amazing! Lots of rides and interactive things to do. They recently opened one in central Florida, which would be closer to you. We're headed there one more time this spring, since our youngest will technically be above their "target" age when he turns 13 this summer. Both boys still love the place! I don't think you ever outgrow Legos.

  3. Looks like a lot of fun. o love the cute pics!

  4. Looks like fun!! There was a lego exhibit at Union Station when we were in Kansas City one time and Matt and I were thoroughly entertained and impressed at all of the things people had built out of legos!! Me--I build a mean tower when I play with Legos. (;