Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thoughts of Randomness

1. I’ve started about a hundred posts that are probably more interesting than this one and never finished them. They’re all outdated and old now, thus fairly worthless. It kinda makes me sad. One of them goes as far back as when we moved. I’m thinking about posting it anyway, just for posterity’s sake.

2. Honor’s 3rd top tooth is just about to break through. It needs to hurry itself on up because the fourth is not far behind. We’d like a few days in between the misery.

3. Honor tried to pull up in her bed for the first time yesterday. I have a feeling that naptimes will be cut short here fairly soon until that new skill is mastered. I know I shouldn’t rush things, but I am kind of excited about the standing thing. It’s one step closer to her not using her shirt as a Swiffer cloth on the kitchen floor.

4. Yes, I will admit that I’ve come *this close* to actually attaching a Swiffer cloth to her belly.

5. Caedmon told me yesterday that something was “lame.” And he was correct, I just didn’t expect him to use that term.

6. Caedmon is all about playing games lately. His most favorite? Twister. The boy LOVES it.

7. He also loves the chocolate he got for Valentine’s Day yesterday. All he wanted to do yesterday was eat chocolate. It’s a good thing I have my stash where he can’t find it.

8. Honor’s birthday is in just 2 short months. And I have nothing planned yet. It’s kinda freaking me out a little. I am waiting for all the fun Easter stuff to hit the shelves, though. That should provide some spring inspiration.

9. Also, the girl needs a stylist. Who wants to pick out her 1-year photo-shoot outfit? Seriously. Who wants to do it? Because I am having major trouble. I want something classic (maybe white) that won’t look horribly dated in a few years. I’m up for a fun outfit too, but that will be easier. Or so I think. I went to Old Navy the other day looking for this top, and of course they didn’t have it. The website is out of 6-12 mo. size, which is what I think she would probably need for pictures. (If I was buying it to wear, I’d buy bigger, but buying for photos, I want it to fit.) So, since that’s out, I need another idea.

10. I spent last night working on taxes. I hate taxes. I’ve often thought taxes were like vegetables – nobody liked them but everybody had to deal with them. But that’s not necessarily true. Because some people like vegetables. Even the vegetables that I don’t. Nobody likes taxes. And if you do, you wanna pay mine?

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  1. Thanks for helping me - I have to find dress shirts and pants for my boys for an upcoming wedding they are in and I was stumped on where to find them for a good price. I clicked on the Old Navy Link to see what shirt you missed out on and . .. it hit me. OLD NAVY! I've already found the dress shirts for $12.00 and the pants for $10.00 I can get them BOTH outfits for less then it was going to cost for me for the 1st pair of paints I found!! :-)

    1. Hey, I'm glad my shopping failure led to success for you! I love Old Navy for cute, reasonably priced clothes. I buy a lot at Children's Place too. They both have great sales.