Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We like Valentine’s Day at our house, but we don’t go crazy. We believe that you should tell your favorite people you love them every day, and Valentine’s Day is just a little extra special.

Yesterday, Caedmon made some toilet paper roll hearts for us.


And we got a special package in the mail from Cini and Papa Duke.

They sent a book for Honor…


…and a Lego fire truck for Caedmon.


This morning, we had our family Valentine’s Day celebration.

Caedmon had specifically asked for a heart-shaped box of chocolate. I usually get him the little $1 box with about four pieces of chocolate. But Husband saw Yoda and declared it a must-have.


Caedmon thought it was super cool. He also purposefully dressed like his Daddy today. So sweet! Caedmon didn’t even want to put on his new…Star Wars shirt…because he wanted to still wear his shirt like Daddy’s!


Honor got an Iron Man Valentine’s from Caedmon and some Yogurt Melts. (I’m not quite ready to give her chocolate yet. Although, on second thought, maybe I should’ve gotten her some so I could eat it.)


And Caedmon helped me pick out a Valentine sock monkey for her. She loved it. Y’all know I’m not a huge fan of stuffed animals, but this was perfect for her.


I gave Husband some “dude” chocolate.


And a Darth Vader t-shirt. (Do you notice a pattern here?)


And he got me a new phone case with my littlest Valentines on it.


(You can customize your own phone case at Casemate.)

The kids also gave each other Valentine’s cards. (You saw Honor eating hers.) Caedmon was surprised to get his card from Honor and enjoyed it.

The gifts are fun and we all love candy. But I think it’s important to purposefully express our love for each other – even between the kids. As they grow, I want my kids to know that, 1) God loves them so very much, 2) Mom and Dad love them *almost* as much as God does, and 3) they are loved by each other. I never want my kids to feel like they have to seek love outside of God, our home, and family. Sure, they’ll grow up and hopefully find special people to marry. But that’s a long time from now. (And Momma doesn’t quite want to think about that just yet.) But establishing a foundation of love and support is of the utmost importance.

That’s what I want Valentine’s Day to be about for our kids.

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