Thursday, February 16, 2012

10 Months

Who’s 10 months old? This girl!


I can’t believe Honor is just two short months away from being a year old.


And I might be freaking out just a little because, as I mentioned yesterday, I haven’t been able to find “the” outfit for her one-year photos. The girl needs a stylist. Her Momma is clearly lacking in that area. Anyone?


Honor is commando-crawling and periodically tries to pull up. She’s still learning how to use her legs to help her out with that. The girl has some mad upper body strength. She pulled up at the coffee table yesterday to get to the ULTA catalog. Which means I’m in trouble in more ways than one. But she hasn’t figured out how to go back to a sitting position from her belly. That will probably come soon – she’s *this close* to crawling for real.


Honor’s room is right next to Caedmon’s. When I put her in her room to play, if she thinks he might be having more fun, she quickly makes her way out into the hallway and heads toward Caedmon’s room. I’ve heard on more than one occasion, “Mom! Honor’s coming in my room!” Honestly, it’s more of a you-told-me-she-can’t-do-this kind of thing than an I-don’t-want-her-in-here kind of thing. And for that, I’m glad. I love that they love each other so much.



These two are a hot mess.



And I love them.

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