Monday, January 16, 2012

Thoughts of Randomness

1. I am sort of in a blogging/photo taking rut. Which I blame directly on trying to get out of a rut in the rest of my life. My brain power seems limited lately, and focusing on that stuff leaves few brain cells left for blogging. And you get to suffer for it. Ya-aaay.

2. I’ve started couponing again (which I haven’t done since Honor was born) and have started doing some “learning time” with Caedmon. I’m also working on getting things ready for our tax guy and trying to keep my head above water with the cleaning, laundry, etc. Not big things, just busy things. Things that suck the creativity away.

3. Lest you think the rut also includes sarcasm, you’ll be relieved to know that’s still in full force. I live-tweeted the Miss America pageant Saturday night. And there was plenty of snark to go around. I also got in trouble toward the end. Husband was “trying to go to sleep” because he has to “get up early on Sundays” and his phone kept dinging every time I tweeted. But I couldn’t give up so close to the end. So, I lovingly told him to put his phone on silent and continued my comments. Also? I’ve never seen so much criticism of someone’s mascara in my life.

4. After that, I refrained from live-tweeting the Golden Globes. I had plenty to say. You’re welcome.

5. It might also be helpful to know that when I am lacking in sleep, the creativity (and niceness) are significantly diminished and the sarcasm rears its ugly head. Clearly, I am lacking in sleep. Remember Caedmon’s fear issues? Right after I posted that, Caedmon had two fabulous nights – one night he got up one time and the next, he slept all night long. Did you hear me? All night. It was the first time I’d slept all night since probably around Thanksgiving. Anyway, the next night I paid for it. It was awful. Definitely the worst night we’d had in a while. I’m not sure if two good nights is worth a night like that. I think I’d rather have mediocre nights all week instead of that. We continue to have night time issues, but I’ve decided that a good portion of it is trying to stay up later combined with habitual waking, an issue he’s had since before he was born. I guess we didn’t break him of the 2am party habit after all. He’ll fit in great when he gets to college. He does have times when he’s he’s legitimately afraid and I don’t want to discount that, but most of it is just sheer orneriness. I have no idea where he gets it.

6. Meanwhile, Honor turned 9 months old last week. I haven’t done her 9 month photos yet. But she did have her 9 month check-up at the doctor. I’ll post more details later, but she’s healthy, right on track with her mad skillz, and still tiny.

7. Which reminds me, her birthday is not far away. Her first birthday. I am already trying to figure out what we’re going to do to make her day special. And remember the lack of creativity lately? That means I’m basically just pinning stuff on Pinterest and will go back later and think, “What the heck was I thinking?” And then I’ll decide I don’t want any of it and do something completely different. But at least there’s a plan.

8. I have the only kid who can photo bomb a photo he’s actually supposed to be in. He was playing with Honor and when he saw me get the camera, he decided he needed to be front and center.


9. As I tweeted the other day, I placed an order at, and it’s being sent in three four separate shipments. Which seems ludicrous to me because it was all sent on the same day and is set to arrive on the same day. Also, I bought 2 regular priced items and everything else was on clearance. Like, super-duper clearance. (One clothing item was $1.75.) I paid very minimal shipping (not enough to pay for one shipment, much less four), so they have got to be losing money on my order. I’m not really complaining, because I got a great deal on some stuff. I just wonder about things like that. You can’t lose money on everybody and stay in business. And if they didn’t lose money on that order, the American consumer is getting ripped off big time.

10. For a long time, I was “off” caffeine. And then I had a toddler. So I began an IV drip having a little here and there. And it’s kinda gotten out of control lately. Well, for me, anyway. I crave a Coke almost every day. And that’s not good. Because if I indulge, especially in the evening when I want it the most, I end up staying awake too late. And did you read #5? That’s especially not good. Don’t tell me to try Caffeine Free Coke. It’s gross. I do love 7-Up and a few other caffeine-free beverages. But they just don’t do it for me. So I will continue my daily inner struggle with the caffeine monster. If I seem especially snarky tomorrow, you know who won today.

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