Friday, January 13, 2012

Life in Phone Pictures

Sometimes pictures make it onto my phone when I don’t have a chance to grab the “big” camera. And if they never get blogged, well, why in the world wouldn’t that happen? So here they are. Some of them, anyway.

Caedmon’s been playing some letter games and has learned to use the computer a bit the past week. He loves it.


Trump and Grade A gave Honor a Razorback shirt for Christmas. She got to wear it on Cotton Bowl Gameday.


The other day, Honor wore her first hair barrette. Her bangs are getting a bit long, and I really want to get them past the awkward stage. We’re going to give it a shot.


Caedmon used some of his Christmas money to buy a bucket of Legos. I think he and Husband had a mission to use every. single. one. Caedmon had paused for a snack break.


The next day, his fragile contraption came apart. And he lost it.


When we were home for Christmas, Trump taught Caedmon to play Uno. So when we got back, I bought some cards and we’ve been playing a bit. This was the look on Caedmon’s face after he’d beat Husband and me. He’s a lean, mean, Uno-playing machine.


Honor hit the Big Brother Toy Jackpot! Caedmon will eventually learn to keep his toys up where she can’t reach them. Maybe.


Honor scooted herself up under the entertainment center. She spent much of the day with that look on her face, and it had nothing to do with the entertainment center. Stupid teething.


And this was the next day. It was a little better.


Let’s hope the teeth come in quickly!

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  1. Honor in her Razorback shirt and adorable bow is just pure sweetness! I hope her teeth come in soon - for everyone's sake! Have a great weekend! :)

  2. Haha! Josh would LOVE to get Addi interested in legos. I can only for see all the meltdowns! ;)