Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Honor: 9 Months

Honor is 9 months old now. 9 months. Her first birthday is right around the corner!

This girl doesn’t sit still for long anymore! Just a month ago, she was barely rolling over. She started rolling a lot around Christmas, and now rolls across the room, spins around on her belly, scoots herself backwards, and gets up on all fours and rocks/bounces. She closes her eyes and bounces her head up and down. When she opens her eyes, she’s angry that she hasn’t gone anywhere. It won’t take her long to figure out this crawling thing.


At her check-up last week, Honor was given a sterling report. Dr. D said she’s doing fabulous with all of her milestones and is a healthy little girl.


What cracked me up is that she’s only grown 1/2” and gained 1/2 pound since her 6 month check-up, putting her in the single digits on the growth charts. Dr. D said that her head has remained in the 20’s, so she’s getting ready for a big growth spurt. (She explained that their brain/head grows first, then the body catches up.)

Honor weighs 16 pounds and is 27 inches long. She wears some 3-6 month clothes still, but mostly 9 month or 6-12 month clothes. She still wears 1-2 years size socks, though. She has her Momma’s long, skinny feet.

Again, I looked back at Caedmon’s 9 month stats, just for fun. At 6 months, they were the exact same length, with Caedmon exactly 2 pounds heavier. Their 9 month stats are the same! Caedmon was exactly 27” long and 18 pounds at his 9 month check-up. It is awesome and hilarious to me that they are so similar, yet so different!


Honor is working on four teeth on the top all at the same time. Hopefully they will be through sooner rather than later. We’ve had some rough days lately and I’m ready for my happy girl to be back.


Her hair? Out of control. It’s about time for another trim. But I’m trying to get her bangs past this awkward phase so I can clip them to the side. I don’t know if I can stand it, though. I’m definitely going to have to trim the back to keep it even and layer it again so we don’t end up with bed head. I have had to start using a detangling shampoo in her hair, and it kills me that her sweet head doesn’t have that baby smell anymore._DSC0175

These two crack me up. They adore each other. Caedmon loves to play with Honor, but gets a little rough sometimes. She is pretty tough and doesn’t seem to mind the rough handling. If he takes a toy away from her, that’s a different story. Sister definitely knows how to be dramatic.


I love these two. They are going to be big trouble in the not-so-distant future.


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