Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Glowing Review

Yesterday was a rainy day. I’d like to throw “winter” in there, but it just doesn’t seem like winter here. In fact, I let Caedmon wear flip flops to Walmart on Monday when we went to get groceries.

It was a little cool, but we didn’t need coats. And he was actually wearing long pants (instead of the shorts he’s been insisting on) and a sweatshirt. I thought we were doing pretty well. Until a concerned, older lady in the check-out line asked, very seriously, if he owned any shoes that covered his toes.

Really, lady? With all the other fashion indiscretions that were going on at that store, you are worried about my kid wearing flip flops?

Perhaps she also noticed that his toes were hanging of the end of said flip flops. He’s a growing boy, what can I say? 

I kindly told her that I didn’t think his choice of shoes were worth fighting over that day. He was wearing long pants, and I considered that a win. She wasn’t impressed with my answer and chose not to say anything else. It was probably for the best. I can’t imagine she thought too highly of my mothering skills at that point.

But I digress.

Again, yesterday was rainy. And we spent a glorious day at home. But that also meant that Caedmon needed a little extra help with keeping busy. So I surprised him with a glow bath.

He loved it.

He’s in there, I promise.


And honestly, that picture appears darker than it really was.

Caedmon played in the tub until the water was cold and he was beyond wrinkled. Those glow sticks were light sabers, straws, drumsticks, and several other things during that bath.

You can bet I’m picking up more glow sticks and bracelets in the $1 spot the next time I go to Target. That’s money well spent.

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  1. I have a pack of those put away to use in the bath - I can't wait to get them out for the boys - maybe tonight :-)