Thursday, December 01, 2011

Deep Thoughts from Caedmon

Caedmon sometimes hugs Honor and says, "I love your booby head." I guess that's love, 4 year-old boy style.


One day, I asked Caedmon if he’d like to listen to some music while we were hanging out in the living room. “Sure,” he replied. “Let’s listen to some Bon and Jovi.”

I asked “Do you mean Bon Jovi?”

“Yes, that’s him.”


While eating a chicken nugget, Caedmon asked, “Momma, does this have dead white chicken in it?”

Yes, yes it does. At least, I hope so.


While driving to church one morning, Caedmon was talking to me non-stop. Honor was “talking” As well. Caedmon finally said, “Momma, Can you tell Honor to stop asking me questions? I can’t talk to you because she is asking me so many questions.”

I said, “Hmmm…sometimes a boy I know asks me lots of questions when I’m talking to Daddy.”

He quickly replied, “That’s not the same.”

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