Friday, December 02, 2011


1. When it comes to soda, I am a Coke girl. Always have been. And? I am loving the white cans right now. I don’t usually keep Coke in the house a lot, but I want to buy it because I like the cans. Marketing genius.

2. Caedmon created an “obstacle course” for his Veggie Tales nativity figures. How the yellow ninja got there, I have not a clue.


3. We broke out the Christmas pajamas the other day. Let’s be honest here…Caedmon has worn his Grinch pajamas all year.


4. Also? The boy I couldn’t have paid to wear pajamas 3 months ago now tries to declare each and every day a pajama day. When I folded his laundry yesterday, 50% of it was pajamas.

5. Honor has now figured out how to get to her belly from a sitting position. When she’s sitting in her Boppy pillow, it’s quite comical. But she loves it. Still, there’s no rolling over.

6. I am almost done with Christmas shopping/wrapping. I’ve felt so behind, and I’m hoping to be completely done this weekend. Fingers crossed.

7. I’m going to attempt to make “gingerbread” cookies. They’ll be sugar cookies, but you know what I mean. Caedmon has been dying to make them. And wants to make another gingerbread house. Probably because he’s licked all the sanding sugar off the front side of the house and can’t get to the rest without getting busted.

And because my brain is fried, that is all.

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  1. I hate to break it to you but they are pulling the white cans

    I for one am happy! i think coke tastes better with a red can and santa on front :)

  2. You may want to stock up on those white cans, rumor is they are being pulled because customers complained about them and some people say the Coke tastes awful out of those cans :-) For Real! (I'm a Pepsi drinker . . .but this was the "big talk" on Good Morning American one day this week.

  3. I hadn't heard that! I wonder if it's a psychosematic thing, the Coke tasting differently from the white can. I can understand the tradition of the red can. And I'm not quite sure I'm down with the whole "save the polar bear" thing behind the white can. I just like the can. And by the time I get to the store, they will have probably pulled them all!

  4. I thought it was diet when I pulled one out. Maybe that's why it might taste different to people. I might do a taste test because we have some red cans in the house too.
    I love Caedmon's imagination.

  5. I told Chris about the "controversy" and he picked up a 12 pack when he was out. He's determined we'll keep a can and sell it on ebay for big bucks in 10 years. Ha!

    I haven't tried it yet, but I'm definitely breaking one out tomorrow - long day ahead!