Friday, October 07, 2011

Picture Post

You know, I used to love doing my “1,000 Words” posts with just one picture. But these days, that’s just not enough. I need a few thousand more to get everything in.

It makes my heart happy to see these two playing together.


And I was cracking up at Honor the other night. Caedmon was running in loops around the house. Each time he’d leave her sight, she’d start crying. He’d turn the corner back into the kitchen, and suddenly she was happy again. Until he went down the hall and she couldn’t see him anymore.


I don’t know if he was attacking or protecting. Sometimes there isn’t much difference.


But I do know that he was checking out his reflection in the oven door here. That’s a mean face, I tell ya.


These two are a mess. And when Honor gets mobile, I’ll be in trouble. Big trouble.

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