Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Recap

Ah, the weekend. Each one brings unexpected surprises. This one brought a sick baby. So if this post uses a lot of words that make no sense, that’s why.

Friday, Honor took a 3-hour morning nap. Which I thought was great. And then found out it wasn’t so great when she woke up with a fever. It broke a little while later, so I thought maybe it was from teething. I decided we’d go ahead with our plans, and I took Caedmon to lunch (at Chick-fil-A, where else?). Honor’s fever ended up coming back later, and by the evening it was higher and she felt pretty cruddy.

Saturday, Honor’s fever spiked again, so Husband took Caedmon to soccer and I took her to the doctor. Where we discovered she probably has the same throat junk Caedmon had a few weeks ago. The stuff that was so nasty that it hung on for almost a solid week. I’m really hoping hers doesn’t last that long.

Caedmon had team pictures on Saturday, and I can’t wait to see them. The only thing harder than managing a bunch of four and five year-olds on the soccer field is getting them to cooperate for a team picture. Caedmon also came *this close* to making a goal at his Soccer game, from what I am told. And the most important thing, of course, was that he had fun.

Saturday night, Caedmon and I called the Hogs while we watched the game and rocked Honor. I also taught him to yell, “First Down!” with the home crowd. It was an important part of his education.

Yesterday, we dropped Caedmon off at church with Husband, and Honor and I went back home. Her fever stayed low and she felt better in the morning, but started feeling worse in the afternoon. Poor girl, she needed to nap so badly but just couldn’t settle down and sleep. We ended up rocking and watching The Bourne Ultimatum while she dozed. At one point, Oz was the only one in the house who could make her semi-happy. I think we were all glad to see bedtime come. She was ready.

Not a lot got done this weekend. I sat last night, looking at six loads (yes, six) of unfolded laundry (along with the one load of towels that actually got folded), thinking that I should tackle that chore while Husband and I watched football. And then I remembered that I was tired. Very tired. And decided to forego the folding in favor of some chocolate.

Now today, I’m looking at seven loads of unfolded laundry (I had to wash another load last night). I still think the chocolate was a good decision.

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