Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween Preview

Remember our last two attempts at Halloween costumes? The cowboy and the ninja didn’t go over so well.


Husband planned two years ago for Caedmon to be Captain America this year. He loves Captain America, and knew the movie should be out this summer. (We’re not nerds or anything.) We’ve had the costume sitting in his closet for two years. Two years. I can’t decide which is worse…being so cheap we bought a costume 2 sizes too big for $5 on Halloween clearance and stored it for two years, or lugging said costume across the country. This costume better be worth it.

Caedmon has been asking about his Captain America costume. And in an effort to get some excitement going about actually, oh, I dunno, wearing it this year, we’ve gotten it out and let him wear it around the house. This was his first time to wear it, and I think it’s pretty darn precious.

(Can I say “precious” in referring to a four year-old boy?)

We put it on and he had to check himself out in the mirror.




Yeah, he’s sold.

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  1. oh my word. that IS precious. I love it!